Wednesday, November 11, 2015

{REAL LIFE PARTIES} Evelyn's Look Whoo's Turning TWO Birthday Party

Look Whoo's Turning Two! We recently celebrated Evelyn's 2nd birthday with a Night Owl Pajama Party!

It was a blast! The party setup consisted of a blue backdrop against the wall, topped with our Banana Lala banner. 

We just love our baby doll bunk beds! Our brother actually made these, and we thought they were just perfect for this party. They made a great stand for our party favors of mini cereal boxes and glow sticks for the kids. 

The favor tags say:
Cereal for breakfast and a fun "night light" for you! 
Thank you for celebrating with us as Evelyn turned two!

What's a night owl party without pajamas?  The birthday girl and all the kids wore their pajamas to the party.  (And all the kids are actually all kind of looking here, right?!)

We had our good friend Jess over at NoOdleS Boutique create a custom shirt for the birthday girl. It coordinated perfectly with Evelyn's pajama pants and the rest of the party decor.

This girl loves her sweets! We ordered the cake from a local grocery store bakery, Schnucks. They have the BEST cake and whipped frosting. 

And speaking of desserts, with this being a party for Miss Evelyn,we knew we had to have ice cream. Or just "cream," as she calls it. So it was time for ice cream sundaes with all the fixins'. 

Our friend Cindy of Sweet n' Sassy Cookies and More baked up these tasty cookies for us. She is THE best at decorating, but really, I'm all about how these taste. They are pretty AND they taste better than any other cookies. Ever. 

I even caught the birthday girl sneaking another cookie while I was taking the photos.

We had the best time at this party! It's such a fun time to get together with close friends and family to celebrate such a special birthday.

There's me ("Banana" of Banana Lala) and my birthday girl. What a fun day! As always, special thanks to my sister Mikaelah ("Lala" of Banana Lala) for everything she did for the party and making it so perfect!

Our vendors are located in the Evansville, Ind. area. If you're looking for something similar to the birthday banner shown above, check out our Etsy shop and send us a message! We'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for looking!