Monday, May 2, 2011

Cupcake Ice Cream Cones

Cupcakes that look like ice cream? Ummm, yes please! I saw these on Martha Stewart's website a while back, and I had really been wanting to try them. They're just so darn cute.

Martha featured the pointed sugar cones, but it seemed nearly impossible to bake a cupcake in those! So I went out and bought a box of inexpensive cake cones. If you try this, I'd recommend crumbling up a little aluminum foil to help keep the cone from moving once you've placed it in a regular muffin tin.

Devil's Food Chocolate Cake made yummy ice cream cupcakes! I filled the cones maybe just a bit too full. I'd also read that putting a small marshmallow in the bottom would help prevent the cone from getting mushy. ... Well, the cone wasn't mushy, but the marshmallow expands so much that some of the cones were nearly hollow inside! So, next time, no marshmallows =)

I had fun decorating these. Fluffy white frosting swirled to look like soft serve ... oh, yummy soft serve!

Some of them really overflowed, but then they just looked like melting ice cream cones on a hot summer day. All that with a sprinkle on top!


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  1. Absolutly love these!!! You are so creative :)