Monday, August 8, 2011

Custom Gift Bag Tags: Butterflies, Tulle and Mary Kay

A friend recently approached us about creating custom gift bag tags for her growing Mary Kay business. Cassandra was looking for something to attach to clients' orders as an extra special thank you, and I think these will do the trick. (I just love how they turned out!)

The colors and the butterfly go along with Mary Kay's theme this seminar year, so we incorporated them into the tags. And the white tulle added a feminine touch.

The tags were created with one of two greetings on the front, and one of two inspirational quotes on the back.

Loved creating these and making them personalized, and we'd love to do more future custom orders. So let us know if you're looking for something similar, and we'd be happy to create some for you or your business.


Cassandra is an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay. Want to know more about Mary Kay or Cassandra? You can find on Facebook or on the Mary Kay website. You can also contact her at or (812) 457-1404.


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