Monday, October 3, 2011

{Birthday Banner} Superheroes for 3-year-old Lyla

I've never met Lyla before, but I know enough about this little girl to know that she's a hoot!

In planning Lyla's birthday banner, I've come to know her a very indecisive girl. I'm a pretty indecisive person myself (just ask Mikaelah!), but what I have decided is that Lyla is a fun girl who deserved one heck of a birthday party. I think she even had a bouncy house at her party, so talk about fun!

Lyla is the daughter of Mikaelah's good friend Julie. The theme of her birthday party? Superheroes. No, make that "Toy Story." Well, how about Rapunzel. No, stick with superheroes.

So superheroes it was. A very girly superheroes party, though. So here is what we created for Miss Lyla:

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lyla! Hope you had fun!


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