Sunday, January 15, 2012

{Wedding Banner} "Just Married" in Turquoise, Purple and Light Gray

I think wedding season is in full swing again! We recently have had a lot of activity on our Etsy shop with requests for custom orders for "Just Married" and "Thank You" banners. It's a really neat opportunity to create something handmade and unique for a bride and groom. It really is a privilege. The banners we create for them will be forever remembered as a part of their wedding day. And so we feel honored.

We love working with brides to custom make a banner in their wedding colors. An Etsy customer, Jennifer, is approaching her wedding day and ordered a custom "Just Married" banner to coordinate with her colors of purple, turquoise, white and light gray. Here are several photos showing her custom banner.

Thank you, Jennifer, for allowing is to create this for your big day. Best wishes!


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