Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Real Life Parties} Monster Party for Landon!

Our nephew, Landon, recently turned 8 ... EIGHT! {Feels like he's still the little kiddo we once knew!}

Well, he's all grown up now, and this year he had a big Monster Party at a local indoor pool to celebrate with all his friends and family.

We created a Happy Birthday banner to coordinate with the party's theme and colors. His mother and our sister-in-law, Chaddie, made the monster cake, and his dad and our brother, Jonah, made the monster cupcakes. {See, baking and decorating runs in the family!}

LOVING this cake. Way cool!

How sweet ... Landon even let little sis Brylee sit next to him. Love these kids! They are so awesome!

 And here's the birthday boy!

Landon, you had one awesome party! Happy birthday, and we love you! ... you know, in that kind of way that embarrasses you in front of all your birthday party friends ... You're the coolest kid we know!

Thanks, everyone, for dropping by and looking!


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