Monday, November 7, 2011

{1st Birthday} Bouncy Ball Party for Mack

Little Mack is getting ready to celebrate turning ONE! {First birthday parties are so much fun!}

You might remember a similar bouncy ball banner that we made a while back for Bryson on his first birthday. Check out pictures of those decorations here. What we did is made a circle shaped banner, rather than the squares we made previously.

So, what do you think?!?

We also carried the bouncy ball theme over to Mack's high chair banner. {Look at those cute, little bouncy balls! It's like a mini version of the bounce house ball pits we all know and love!}

We loved being able to make this for the little guy, and we hope he loves it, too! Thanks, Kara, for allowing us to make these decorations. Hope you all have a great time at the birthday party!



  1. Hi

    I want to do a ball themed first birday party for my son. I really love this banner, but I culd only find the square oneon etsy. Do ou also sell the round one ( like showed in the pictures) above there?


  2. Hi there!

    Thank you for finding us! I'd be happy to create a circle bouncy ball banner for you. If you'd like to order on Etsy, feel free to order the square listing, just put in the notes at checkout that you would like it to be circular shaped.



  3. What font is that? Also What brand of paper do you typically use?