Wednesday, November 16, 2011

{Holiday Banner} A Very New Orleans Saints Christmas

One Saints fan is sure to have a Merry Christmas this year with this holiday banner! This one was a lot of fun to create, as we've never made anything with a sports theme.

I'm not too sure my Colts fan husband was a big fan of this one. But I think maybe we'll have to make a World Series holiday banner featuring his St. Louis Cardinals.

If you're looking for anything similar to this, or any other color combination for you sports fans out there, let us know, and we'd love to make one for you, too! Thanks, Kathryn, for letting us create this for your home!

Merry Christmas, and thanks for looking!



  1. I LOVE It!!! Thank you Thank you!!!!

  2. I love this!!!! I want to make this exact same banner for a retirement party. How did you make it and where did you get stuff to make it at?