Monday, April 23, 2012

{Real Life Parties} Minnie Mouse in Pink and Black for 3-year-old Brylee!

Our niece Brylee recently celebrated her third birthday with a Minnie Mouse party at her house. It was such a fun and girlie party, with the color scheme of pink, black and white.

It was a gorgeous day outside. We really couldn't have asked for better weather. And because it was so nice out, the kids had a chance to play around outside on the swings and ride bikes. Even the big kids got out some wheels and rode, too! {Insert visual of 21-year-old also birthday boy riding a mini bike meant for a 6-year-old! That's right! Our brother, Brylee's Uncle Isaiah, was celebrating the big 21 the same day as Brylee's party. We have incriminating photos of him riding the bike I've mentioned here, but I don't think he'd be so happy to see it online ...}

So instead, here's a picture of the other little birthday stinker:

... and another.

But onto the decorations .....

Mikaelah and I worked to create some custom pink and black Minnie items for Brylee's party. Emphasis on Mikaelah! I created the glittery birthday and name banner, and she did just about everything else!

The end of the food table was made to resemble Minnie's stage, with a curtain and all!

As for the decorations outside, it all started with the LARGEST PINWHEEL EVER! Really, this thing is so big, and so fun! The little girls loved it. And polka dots? So of course, we big girls loved it, too!

I think the birthday girl liked the setup! Well, I think she was tired of pictures, and really just wanted to go swing some more, or maybe open presents. But here she is, telling us all how old she is =) What a cutie!

Custom door sign welcoming guests to Brylee's birthday party, in more polka dots, of course.

"We're best friends ..." Brylee with her cousin (and my daughter), Avery, taking a break down by the lake.

Brylee, we had soo much fun at your party! Thank you to Brylee's mom, Chaddie, for letting us run wild with the theme. It was so girlie and fun that we just couldn't resist!

Happy Birthday, Brylee! We love you!

Thanks for looking!


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