Friday, July 8, 2011

Fourth of July Party: Red, White and BOOM!

What's red, white and blue all over? Mikaelah's house, because she hosted a Fourth of July party this year!

She took care of the beautiful decorations and the desserts/snacks, and the rest of us brought the hotdogs, fireworks and water guns. (I knew I was asking for it when I bought those $1 water guns ... and yes, I'm one of the few who got shot at!)

I sure was impressed when I saw what she had created!

Ok, now for the details of how she put this all together. (My fave is definitely the blue and red glass bottles!)

We thought this table needed a little something extra. So this is where I came in ... and it was really my only contribution to the decorating! Mikaelah styled the entire setup herself!

I thought the red streamers made a cute little backdrop for our sweets table =)

The table was complete with a handmade ribbon topiary. So sparkly!

Ok, so now the rundown on all the goodies she provided:

Yummy cupcakes topped with the cutest (and tiniest!) little pinwheels I've ever seen!

Red, white and blue M&Ms. Is it me, or is it entirely too easy to eat that entire platter of them without even realizing it? I think I ate half of them!

Hershey kisses. (They almost look like those little poppers that kids ... well, and me, too! ... throw on the ground for the Fourth of July.)

Delicious little cookie sandwiches. Tasted like marshmallow cream filling ... but I promise I had only one of those!

So cute! A bowl off red, white and blue gummy rings.

Cracker Jacks, of course!

Confession: I ate too many of these, too, but they were so good, and so small, it's like they didn't even count. Chocolate covered sunflower seeds.

It's safe to say we had a blast (haha!) at our Fourth of July party!

Thank you for hosting, Mikaelah!


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  1. So patriotic! Love all the details