Thursday, July 7, 2011

{Rehearsal Dinner} Pink, Green and Orange

We were trilled to help decorate and coordinate Jewel and Nathaniel's wedding rehearsal dinner.

The focus was all on the wedding colors: pink, green and orange. But a little black and white here and there went a long way to make those main colors really pop.

Mikaelah styled the party, which was our first rehearsal dinner.

Above the fireplace we hung a tulle wreath we created in matching wedding colors, of course.

Here are a couple of the table centerpieces. We used white lanterns as the focal point, surrounded by colored beads, flowers and sitting on black and white fabric squares.

The table clothes were alternating green, pink, yellow and orange.

We created three "Forever and Always" framed pieces for the dessert display. (So happy Jewel loved these! She's even planning to keep them and hang them in their new house.)

And here's a glimpse at some of the other decorations throughout the cabin.

A beautiful rehearsal dinner for a beautiful couple. I couldn't resist getting a few (Ok, more like a TON) of pictures in front of the gorgeous sunset on Friday evening.

Congratulations, newlyweds!


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