Friday, September 30, 2011

{Wedding Decorations} Fall Colors for a Fall Wedding

Michael and Savannah are getting married this weekend. They are all set to have a beautiful outdoor wedding, followed by dinner and then a reception at a local venue.

You might remember the banner we created for them. You can take a peek at it here. Their wedding is all about some fall colors, so here are some other decorations we created just for their big day:

I believe this was our first ribbon wreath (very similar to our ribbon topiaries in the way that it is made). I love this way this turned out, and I secretly want one for myself. (OK, so now it's no longer a secret ... I'm thinking bright colors and polka dots. Not really fallish though, right? Note to self: save this idea for the springtime.)

The Mr. and Mrs. are having a picture display table at the reception, and we thought this would be cute to put along with all of their photos.

And now for some ribbon topiaries. Mikaelah chose the double topiary for these. They just have more of an elegant feel to them.They are the same shape as the ones created for the Tiffany blue, black and white bridal shower seen here.


Best wishes, Michael and Savannah!


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  1. WOW… I am thoroughly impressed with your hubby in making such design for wedding… that looks like such a hard work… but the results… gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing this.