Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{It's Party Time!} Tea Party for Our Little Princesses

I asked my 2 1/2-year-old if she had fun at the Tea Party we recently held for her and her cousin Brylee.

"I want more. I wanna go there again."  <--- I think that says it all!

As I mentioned a while back, this is a VERY belated birthday celebration for the girls. Their birthdays were back in March and April, and of course they had parties then, but we also had to have our 2nd Annual Tea Party. It's a tradition now, and we cannot break tradition. Plus, they're at the point where they remember every promise we make ... =)

Pictures and details of their 2nd birthday parties are here on our blog. Avery's party was a Candyland theme, and Brylee's was a Wild theme.

But who doesn't love a tea party? I'm talkin' frilly pink dresses, decadent desserts and "pretend" tea complete with pinkies in the air. Here is a glimpse of our special tea party:

One of our tissue paper door signs. The party theme colors were pink, purple, lime green with a small accent of yellow, so we created a special sign to go with it.

Mikaelah created this Tea Party ribbon topiary. (Picture clearly wasn't taken at the party, but this way it shows off some of the polka dot a printed/patterned ribbon she used. Have I mentioned we love polka dots?!)

Mikaelah's fabulous green wire dessert stand makes another appearance. (Love this item because it can go with almost anything!) I made and decorated the cupcakes, and the cupcake toppers were a creation of Ciao Bambino on Etsy.

I baked the chocolate chip muffins. Talk about yummy! They're made with absolutely no oil or butter, and applesauce is used instead. Our brother Jonah would eat a whole batch of these on his own because he loves them so much!

I also whipped up some marshmallow pops =)

Our Tea Party banner can be found on our Etsy shop.

And now for the table set for the princesses ... oh yes, and Landon, Brylee's older brother! (He secretly loved the tea party!)

They're ready to party: from left, Brylee, Landon and Avery.

 Pinkies in the air! (See, Landon, I know you had fun!) And now for some candid shots of the kiddos:

Success! I think they all had seconds of the desserts. (I think Brylee liked the icing more than the cupcake.)

Happy Tea Party!


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