Thursday, April 7, 2011

Candyland Birthday Party

My daughter Avery recently turned 2, so she needed an extra special party for her big day. This Candyland party was done completely by my sister, Mikaelah. It was her planning from start to finish that made this party the success it was!

What a great way to welcome our party guests! 
The sign at the bottom says, "We hope you brought your sweet tooth."


... and there were plenty of sweets available to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Amazing Candyland cake created by Ba's Kitchen Connection.

A very sweet idea! These little boxes were party favors for the kids (and older kids at heart!) Mikaelah set up a candy bar complete with chocolates and other candies, both sweet and sour.

"Avery's Candy Buffet"

The Candy Buffet was complete with toothbrushes,
so that all of Avery's party guests could "brush the sugar bugs away."

It certainly was a very happy birthday party for Avery. Thank you, Aunt Lala!

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