Monday, April 25, 2011

Hippity Hoppity

When it rains, it pours.

We might have had a wet and rainy Easter here in Evansville, but our family's holiday celebration was anything but gloomy! It was full of springtime colors.

My fun project this year was to make fun little "bunny" cupcakes. Mikaelah found some adorable Easter scrapbook paper at a local craft store, and we made decorative wrappers using this cupcake wrapper template. Using craft glue, I added the bunny tail (tiny, white pom poms found at the same craft store).

They were so cute all lined up together =)

I admit that I used boxed cake mix for this one. I LOVE baking from scratch, and usually that's all I do. But for lack of time, I went with a strawberry cake mix. We narrowed it down to Funfetti, and strawberry, but Avery, my 2-year-old, had the final vote. She adores "Strawberry Shortcake," so it was an easy choice for her! I also used plain old whipped cream for the topping, but it was so light and yummy!

Mikaelah set up some really cute place settings for the kiddos.

We tried our best to catch the Easter Bunny, but darn it, he's just too quick!

Fun name cards for the little ones ...

And, of course, we had to have some Peeps ... even though I don't really care for them. You think we had enough? =)

Our little bunnies had a great Easter, and I hope you and yours did too!
(Seen here, from left, is Brylee, 2, Avery, 2, and Landon, 7.)


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