Monday, April 4, 2011

Not the same old boring cupcakes

Over the weekend, my sister, Mikaelah, and I got together to make "Wild" cupcake wrappers for my niece's upcoming birthday party. They are so simple to make, and so fun! I hope Brylee will love them ... she sure is a wild child!

Here's how we did it:
First, you'll need to print the cupcake wrapper template. The one I used came from I printed on regular paper, but cardstock would work wonders.

Cut out the template and trace onto your desired paper. For Brylee's party, we decided to opt for fun animal prints and colors.

A little tracing, and little cutting, and a wee bit of transparent tape give you something to satisfy your sweet tooth and more.

I used 12-inch-by-12-inch scrapbook paper, which produces several cupcake wrappers per sheet. Craft supply stores usually sell this paper by the sheet for about 50 cents each. So you can really jazz up a dozen cupcakes and take them from "Plain Jane" to "Wow!" for about $1.

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