Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dinosaur Cake for Nephew's 7th Birthday

This was so much fun to make!

My nephew Landon recently turned 7. He LOVES dinosaurs right now, and I loved that his momma asked me to make his birthday cake.

I bake muffins and cupcakes all the time, but this was my first "real" cake for someone.

I haven't invested in a large baking pan yet, so I used a 9-by-13 pan and baked three cakes. I stacked two on top of each other to make a "mountain," and the other cake was out front, where the river ran through.

My favorite part has to be the volcano. It's made of homemade rice crispy treats, stacked together and carved into the desired shape. My husband was actually the most excited about the volcano, and he was actually the one to make the rice crispy treats. And it was also his idea to place one of the dinosaur figurines into the top of the volcano!

I think Landon really liked it. And from what I hear, his birthday cake was the talk of his class back at school the next day!
Can't wait to make more like this. Happy baking, everyone!


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